Myanmar eVisa: How to get a tourist visa online for Myanmar

Traveling to Myanmar and want to apply for the Myanmar eVisa online? Getting a Myanmar visa is so easy in 2019. I just returned from my first trip to Myanmar and got my visa online and here’s how to do it!

Getting a visa for travel to Myanmar (Burma) is now much easier thanks to the government’s eVisa program. Under the program, passport holders of around 100 countries can apply for their tourist visas online

If you’re already traveling, it’s possible to get a tourist visa at short notice from the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok; the cost is 1260B for same-day processing (application 9am to noon, collection 3.30pm to 4.30pm), 1035B for the next day.

Note You will be asked to present an onward ticket when checking into your flight or from the immigration officer. Even though you may have a visa the airline or immigration officers may deny you if you can’t provide one. I was flying from Singapore Changi Airport and they have a special desk just for documents and visas. There I had to present an onward ticket as well.

Who can apply for a Myanmar tourist visa online?

Ordinary passport holders of around 100 countries may now apply for their tourist visa to Myanmar online. This includes Australia, all European Union countries, Japan and the US.

Those from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam may enjoy a 14-day visa exemption period when arriving at an international airport. Singaporean passport holders may stay up to 30 days visa-free when arriving at an international airport.

Where do I apply for a Myanmar tourist visa online?

You may apply on the website of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population of Myanmar

Myanmar eVisa website.

How much does a Myanmar tourist eVisa cost?

A Myanmar tourist eVisa costs US$50 and must be paid at the time of application with Visa, Master, American Express or JCB credit cards. Y Myanmar tourist eVisa application fees are non-refundable, so again it’s best to apply only once you have confirmed your trip.

How long does it take to receive a Myanmar tourist eVisa?

You will receive confirmation of your application via email within 1 hour. Notification of the outcome of your application will be received by email within 3 working days. If approved, you will receive an approval letter, which you must print out and present on arrival at one of the approved entry points for Myanmar eVisas.

In my experience, I applied for the visa in the evening and I received the application confirmation immediately, while the eVisa approval letter was sent to me the next morning! However, you should allow yourself enough time should it take longer.

How long is Myanmar eVisa valid?

Myanmar eVisa’s are valid for 90 days from the issued date. The eVisa however, is only valid for a 28-day stay and it’s a single entry. So if you plan on spending a couple of weeks in Myanmar and then go to Thailand but want to go back to Myanmar you’ll have to apply for another Myanmar visa on your return trip. If you’d like to stay longer than 28 days in Myanmar you could overstay your visa, more detail below

What if I want to stay longer?

Some travelers extend their trips by overstaying their visa. This is not normally a problem, as long as you don’t overstay for more than 14 days. You will be charged US$3 a day, plus a US$3 registration fee, at the airport or land border as you exit the country. The fine can be paid in kyat as well, but it’s important to have the correct amount, as receiving change is unlikely.

However, some hotels won’t take guests who have overstayed their visas, and domestic airlines may be unwilling to let you on planes. If you’re overstaying, it’s wise to stick with land routes and places within easy reach of Yangon. There have been cases in the past of tourists being instructed to leave the country immediately if their visa has expired.

At what ports of entry may I enter Myanmar with a tourist eVisa?

E-visas can be used at Yangon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw international airports; and at three Thailand–Myanmar land border crossings: Mae Sai/Tachileik, Mae Sot/Myawaddy, and Rarong/ Kawthoung. You can exit the country at any overland border crossing. Keep in mind the remote Htee Khee crossing. You will need a permit and permission to exit to China and India.

What you’ll need for your Myanmar eVisa application

A passport issued by one of the countries eligible for Myanmar eVisa application with a minimum remaining validity of 6 months. Have it handy as you’ll need the passport number, along with issue and expiry dates for the application.

A digital color photo taken within the past 3 months. It must be passport kind of a photo – plain background, applicant facing head on to the camera, plain expression.

Port of entry. You’ll need to tell them where you plan on entering Myanmar from the list of approved eVisa ports of entry. You may, in fact, enter at any of the approved ports of entry. If your entry point is different to that on your eVisa approval letter it may increase the processing time on arrival. So, if you can, save yourself any hassle on arrival and put down the correct port of entry.

Accommodation details. You’ll need to put down the name and address of one registered accommodation provider where you plan on staying. Note that personal residence addresses will not be accepted.

A Visa, Master, American Express or JCB credit card for payment.

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