Restaurant Week Slovenia – Autumn 2020

Restaurant Week, or Teden Restavracij in Slovene, is the largest nationwide culinary event. It is held twice a year in Slovenia, once in spring and once in autumn. This event lasted from the 9th to the 16th of October. Originally it was scheduled to last till the 18th of October. Unfortunately, it was cut short because of the situation with coronavirus which rapidly worsened. There were 106 restaurants participating in total from all across the country. All of these restaurants in the restaurant week event are rated as one the best ones in Slovenia. You can also find some of the best chefs as well.

A special set of one or more menus are created just for this event. For this event, the menus were available for just 19 euros, no matter what ingredients did the chef use. Some higher rated ones had these menus for 25 euros. That is still very affordable. All places require a reservation and the most popular places get fully booked quite fast.

In this edition, I visited 9 restaurants across Slovenia:

Vila Planinka, Jezersko (9th of October)

Gostilna Pr’ Matičku, Kranj (10th of October)

Danilo, Reteče (11th of October)

KULT 316, Ljubljana (12th of October)

Gostilna na Gradu, Ljubljana (13th of October)

Element, Ljubljana (13th of October)

Grič, Šentjošt nad Horjulom (14th of October)

Hiša Fink, Novo mesto (15th of October)

Gostilna Kobjeglava, Štanjel (16th of October)

(✦ first visit; ✧ visited in previous editions as well)

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